Who are these ALH3 crazy wankers?

Webster'sdictionary defines the term Larrikin to mean: hoodlum, rowdy.

Let's explore this in more detail...

The Arizona Larrikins present the Mr. Happy's Pick-Up Hash meets every Wednesday evening of the month at 7:00 PM at various locations around Tucson, AZ. The pack typically consists of 10 to 20 nutty hashers who typically describe themselves as drinkers first, and runners second, third, or fourth. First the pack draws straws to see who will be the hare to lay trail. The hare is given a five-minute head start (head? who said head?), and five pounds of flour to lay trail. After the head start, the rest of the pack gives chase, blowing whistles or other noisemakers and marking trail as they go with chalk. If the current hare is caught on trail, the hound responsible takes over haring duties with a minute less of a head start. There can be as many as twelve hares a night! Trails are usually A-to-A (same start/end location), and involve about an hour of running/jogging/walking (3.5 to 4 miles ballpark). At the end of the "run" the pack reconvenes for down-downs.

Down downs with the ALH3 are a festive occasion and have at times lasted hours, but typically conclude just short of an hour. Songs are sung and beer is chugged for whatever reason, or just for the-hell-of-it, and wankers can enjoy a mix of macro- and microbrews. To pay for the nectar of the Gods, "hash cash" (i.e., your beer fee) is currently US $5.00.

Beer Cams!

North America

Bald Lucy's Bar - Cortland, NY

The Great Lost Bear - Portland, ME
Hog's Breath Saloon - Key West, FL
Salty Dog Cafe - Hilton Head Island, NC
The Trolley Stop - Dayton, OH
Bargo's Grill and Tap - Dayton, OH
Caz's Eclectic Bar - Tulsa, OK
The Red Pepper - Grand Forks, ND
The James Joyce - Santa Barbara, CA


The Pig and Bicycle, Scotland
Barone Rosso (Red Baron) - Rome, Italy

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